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One month later.

So I’ve been living in Essex for a month now, can’t believe how quick it’s gone!

I love living with The Scientist. We have so much fun together. Next month we move into our new flat which will be awesome. Even though I love the flat we are in now it will be nice to have somewhere that’s ours from the beginning. I thought it would be a massive adjustment living together, as I mentioned before I lived alone for 7 years, but it’s not. We just fit together.

Work has been a harder transition I’m not going to lie, I miss my old work friends massively and the laughs and fun we used to have.

I feel that’s it’s completely swapped, before I had my work life in order and my love life was a mess now I have met my person and my work life needs some work! It’s only been a month though so I’m not going to complain and just give things time to settle.

I’m still 100% sure that I made the right decision to leave and move in with my beloved. Hopefully next month we will be in our new flat and I will be as happy at work as I am at home….fingers crossed!

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So I’ve officially become the worlds worst blogger and abandoned my 31 day challenge on day 18! In my defence I have been moving house and transferring jobs so I’ve been super busy.

Tonight is the last night I spend in my flat in my own bed….eek! If that bed could talk, well it would probably call me a hoebag! All jokes aside I’m feeling happy and can’t wait to start my life with The Scientist.

I promise I will try and pick back up the challenge over the next couple of days. Tomorrow is the last day at work (I’m pretty heartbroken and emotional over this!) and then on Monday I start my new job and new life as a domestic goddess so please don’t be too annoyed at me if I don’t get around to it for a while!

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My dream job now at 33

Day 16 of the 31 day blog challenge.

I’m a very bad blogger and didn’t post yesterday, forgive me!

Unfortunately retail isn’t my dream job to be honest I don’t think it’s anyone’s dream job!

I’ve posted on here last year about my dream job as a menswear designer but, and this is a bit out there….I’d also really like to be a roadie! Travelling the world, listening to live music, constantly being in the hustle and bustle of a gig environment I would love it! Also I’m not adverse to a bit of lifting and shifting so the equipment wouldn’t bother me.

So Bastille, if you’re reading this I’m free to go on the road!

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Bio hazard. 

One of the things that surprises me about online dating is how many people lie in their bio. 

The first one is age, I’m sure you’re not 25 with grey hair and more wrinkles than my nana. So why lie?  

Another is occupation. According to most men online they are either a professional actor (not in anything I’ve seen!) or a musician, the funniest thing happened with this last week I matched with a ‘full time musician’ on Bumble. What he didn’t realise when he was telling me about his days strumming his guitar was that I already kinda knew him and he’s not a full time musician at all unless they are having jam sessions in River Island…yeah mate I work near you! Pretty sure you’re actually a full time shop boy. What’s the point in starting things off with a lie? Unless you don’t plan on actually meeting anyone what does it achieve? Being able to pretend you’re a rockstar online? Yeah I’m sure they’re pure rock and roll when they are bobbing on their supermarket uniform each morning! 

Surely as long as you have got a job it doesn’t matter what you do? We’ve all gotta hustle. I don’t write anything in my bio about where I work because I don’t like it but least I’m not lying about it. 

So all you part time actors/ musicians just be honest and say you’re a bar tender or a sales assistant, the decent girls won’t judge! 

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My dream job.

Day 23 of the 31 day blog challenge. 

Obviously I’m already living my (worst nightmare!) dream by working as a sales assistant so this will be the shortest blog in history. 

Just kidding! My dream job would be a stylist for men. I know you’re all thinking I would be in it for the inside leg measurements and “accidental” glimpses into the changing rooms, but truthfully I just know I would be good at it! I know what looks good on men and I’ve pimped out (jeez that sounds wrong!) a few of my male friends and made them look banging! Proof you can polish a turd if you sprinkle a little Tanya glitter on it. 

X is the only male who knows more about clothes and shoes than me. He’s just purchased some Cavalli driving shoes…I didn’t even know driving shoes where a thing? I’m sure they’re not and he just wanted some new shoes, like how I convince myself that I totally need a slightly different shade of suede ankle boots. 

So yeah that’s my dream. If not I ll hold out til I become a successful blogger and have my own makeup and clothes range or knowing how this blog tends to go…my own line of condoms! 

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Werk werk werk werk werk 

In my job as a sales assistant I get to meet hundreds of guys a day, the place where I work is more hills have eyes than Hollywood but my top 3 regular customers are as follows:

EE Guy: Not my usual type is a lil chubby with a swoopy fringe but there’s some serious sexual chemistry every time he comes to my till! Today he wasn’t in his uniform and I noticed he had tattoos which obviously made me melt wondering if I can make a phone related joke to get him going…id like his hands to roam all over my data?! 

Card shop boy: Probs a little younger than me has tattoos and a beard I get the feeling he’s a little nerdy and probably games. Bet he wonders why my sister has has 5 birthdays in the last 5 months (just kidding! I’ve never been in his shop even though he’s two doors down from me) 

Leather jacket man: not a serious contender as he’s 72 but I love him! He has slicked back hair and wears an open shirt and a leather jacket, constantly calls me things like treacle and darling. He also runs a chat roulette style website so the old fella has still got it….if only I was 50 years older! 

I’m not sure meeting someone at work is genuinely an option? I mean I have a little flirty flirt with these guys but I have to wear a uniform that I can’t exactly pull off so can’t exactly expect anyone to want to pull it off me! Also what would my opening line be? Would you like a bag? No? How about a blow job? Least you won’t have to pay 5p for that! 

I guess I spend so much time there it’s looking more and more like an option and I’ve heard on the grapevine that leather jacket man runs bukkake parties! Could be fun….