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All work and no play

I feel like I am being the worst girlfriend ever at the moment. Im tired (working 40 odd hours), stressed (facing redundancy) and poorly (probably because I’m so tired and stressed!)

The Scientist is still always there for me and a constant pillar of support and sometimes its overwhelming to deal with. He tells me to give up my job if i’m too stressed and he will support me, if i’m tired he will give me massages and make me dinner (ok i’m a shit wifey and he always makes me dinner!) because i’m poorly he went out last night and stocked up on loads of cold and flu stuff.

I’ve just read this back and ‘overwhelming’ seems negative and I don’t mean it like that its more hard to get used to, i’m used to doing things on my own and making tough decisions but now I’ve realised I would be totally lost without him in my life and I dont know what ive done to deserve him.

I feel like he’s a much better boyfriend than I am girlfriend. He’s pretty much got this whole thing nailed and I still cock stuff up and have to remind myself I’m not on my own anymore. I’ve never met someone whose just so kind and loving and expects nothing in return, take last week for example he cooked me a three course meal to celebrate our 8 month anniversary (8 WHOLE MONTHS!!!!!) and because i was too tired to erm….give him some dessert he didn’t mind and was happy just watching love island and having a snuggle, he even went as far to say if he never got any dessert again he would still love me forever!… not sure I can say the same, I love me some regular pudding!

I’m hoping this is just a temporary thing and that work calms down and I feel better soon. We’re off to Italy next week…. I’M SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!! so hopefully I can relax and chill out and after how amazing The Scientist has been give him all the Gelato he deserves 😉

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The Honeymoon period.

So I was reading an article about how the honeymoon period in relationships is usually over in six months so does that mean it’s all down hill from now for The Scientist and I?

To be honest I’ve barely even got to the honeymoon period with other relationships let alone get past it so I have no idea what’s going on!

I still feel in the early stages. I’m learning new things about him all the time even though we spend a lot of time together. I always look forward to seeing him at the end of the day.

This week he’s away for 4 days….and I know this pathetic but I’m bereft! Absence does not make the heart grow fonder it just leaves an empty space in our bed.

I feel the same way I did about him at the beginning, the excitement is still there and the sex is still the best ever. I want this feeling to last forever. Yes we have our little routines and we’re not going out every evening being wild and crazy but I love this feeling of contentment. Staying in and watching Netflix and then having amazing sex is the one.

For me the honey moon period is over rated, yes it’s exciting but it’s also filled with nervousness, anxiety and games whilst you’re trying to feel each other out. Give me the feeling of being relaxed and comfortable any time over that!

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6 months later.

I honestly can’t believe it’s been 6 months already with The Scientist and I. I know to some people this might not be a big deal but for me it’s massive…. he’s officially my longest relationship!

We’ve just moved into our new flat which I love. It’s so nice building a home and seeing all of our things together. I’ve become someone who loves bobbing round IKEA. Who would have thought?!

People say you never truly know someone until you live with them but we’ve been living together for months now and I’m liking everything so far.

I just love spending time with him (once again I’m sorry if this is cringe but I’m so happy!)

I’m also going to try getting back to blogging a bit more as it’s totally gone by the wayside with all the moving. So you should be hearing a lot more from me soon!

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One month later.

So I’ve been living in Essex for a month now, can’t believe how quick it’s gone!

I love living with The Scientist. We have so much fun together. Next month we move into our new flat which will be awesome. Even though I love the flat we are in now it will be nice to have somewhere that’s ours from the beginning. I thought it would be a massive adjustment living together, as I mentioned before I lived alone for 7 years, but it’s not. We just fit together.

Work has been a harder transition I’m not going to lie, I miss my old work friends massively and the laughs and fun we used to have.

I feel that’s it’s completely swapped, before I had my work life in order and my love life was a mess now I have met my person and my work life needs some work! It’s only been a month though so I’m not going to complain and just give things time to settle.

I’m still 100% sure that I made the right decision to leave and move in with my beloved. Hopefully next month we will be in our new flat and I will be as happy at work as I am at home….fingers crossed!

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Daily rituals.

Day 3 of the 31 day blog challenge.

So I get up every morning and sacrifice a goat and bow down to satan….or you know,do all the same things as most people do on the daily like snooze my alarm 500 times and reluctantly go to work. I also check Instagram, twitter, Facebook, snapchat and don’t hate me….the daily mail online and then I text my beloved back.

When I was online dating I used to obsessively check tinder, pof, Bumble and okcupid. It felt so weird deleting those apps and not just deleting the app but the whole account but obviously it was worth it.

I guess my new daily ritual is updating this blog whilst doing this challenge so follow me for the next 31 days to see what happens!

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20 facts about me.

Day 2 of the 31 day blog challenge.

Ahh I remember how hard this one is….

  1. I’ve mentioned this before numerous times but considering my last one of these started with how I’ve never been in love a good place to start this is…IM IN LOVE! After a long long mostly hideous search I’ve finally found my penguin.
  2. Talking of penguins, The Scientist and I collect them! I worry in 50 years time we will be that weird old couple with all the penguins!
  3. The most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me was when the Scientist searched the whole of Brighton beach to find me a perfect pebble when I sent him this one day: the boy did good!
  4. Brighton is my fave place in the U.K. The beach, the shops just the whole vibe.
  5. But I also really love Essex (all those years of watching TOWIE!) which is good as this year I will be moving there!
  6. We’ve been looking at houses and I always had myself down for an ultra modern kinda gal but nope, apparently I want an old house with real beams…they just look soooo cosy!
  7. My dream house would be a brownstone in NYC, bitch needs a stoop in her life!
  8. As long as the house comes with a black pug (my favourite dog) called lord puggingtons (of course!) and definitely…
  9. No ghosts (which I believe in) then were all set.
  10. I think the ghost thing comes from too many horror films, currently were trying to work our way through all of them on Netflix.
  11. I like the feeling of being scared
  12. I don’t tend to have nightmares and even if I do I constantly lucid dream so can change the outcome if the bad guy is after me!
  13. Or If i do I can chill out by listening to Lewis Capaldi who is my favourite artist at the moment
  14. My best moment of last year ( other than meeting my beloved of course!) was going to see Lewis live, being front row, getting the set list, meeting him after the gig and getting a signed tshirt and taking a selfie.
  15. When I’m not at gigs and meeting rockstars I’m secretly a nerd
  16. My favourite thing to do with The Scientist is to chill out and play scrabble
  17. Im super competitive so it’s a good job I pretty much always win!
  18. I’m not just a letters gal I also have a weird OCD thing with numbers I’m scared of the number 13 and everything has to be in evens.
  19. I have an odd number of tattoos though but I’ve fallen out of love with them so don’t want to have anymore.
  20. A bit like how I don’t want to have kids! I’m super maternal towards my nieces but they are not for me!
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31 day blog challenge 2018!

I feel that I’ve been really slack with my blog recently, I guess that’s what happens when you blog about online dating and get into a relationship but I enjoy writing so I’m going to do another one of these challenges to encourage me to carry on, also I think it’s interesting to look back on last years one and see how far I’ve come. I’m going to be using this one; Ok let’s begin…. let’s keep the intro short as you all know me by now.

My names Tanya, I’m 33. Former online dating blogger and now a loved up soppy fucker. I think 2018 will be a year of massive changes and growing up for me which will be interesting as I’ve not seemed to nail adulting so far!

Here’s my recent picture, last time I did this I had pink hair! I really should bring that back. look at me rocking the Jeffrey Dahmer snap chat filter!

See you tomorrow folks!