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Saturday thoughts.

One of the most annoying things ever online dating is on Tinder when you see a really hot guy as you swipe you're already imagining your life together, planning the wedding, naming the kids and what colour pug you want (or in my case what positions were going to be doing!) and yay he swipes back!….but then you start to message and he's dry AF and his spelling is all off.

The disappointment is real.

Dating, online dating, me, my life

Date #17

So Mr A exceeded all expectations in real life! He was everything that I wanted and lots more. 

Date 1 was great and we didn’t even have a proper date, He came back to my house and what can I say? The sex was amazing (all 6 times!) but between all that he’s so fun to chill with. He made me feel relaxed and comfortable. 

I’m not going to say to much now and be all mushy but watch this space I suppose….I’m excited too see what happens! 

You ll do Mr A….you ll most certainly do. 

Dating, online dating, me, my life

Mr A. 

Recently I’ve been chatting to Mr A, no shit Sherlock from the title of this blog! 

Mr A is one of those rare guys that come along when I’m talking to two or three others and alphas the fuck out of them so Mr B, C and D get phased out and I start to panic that I’ve put all my eggs in one basket! But what’s the point in texting the others when I get the biggest thrill from seeing As name on my screen? 

Mr A has veered away from my type this year which has apparently been chavvy wrongens and is back to the skinny hot beardy guitar player that I know and love but he’s much more than a hot face and nice body (saying that he has both of these!) he’s a father of two for a start, if you’ve read this blog before that’s never been the most ideal situation for me but the way he talks about them and having relationships is really reassuring and puts my mind at ease. I like the fact he seems normal and has a stable job. We text all day and speak on the phone and it doesn’t end in dick pics and whatsapp wanks. We do talk about sex but that’s not the main part of the conversation. 

We’ve arranged to meet at the weekend (if I don’t fuck it up…hello self destruction my old friend!) and I’m excited about it for once I actually give a shit and don’t feel empty and detached. So wish me luck! 

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Talk dirty to me….

Talking to shit loads of different guys last year and a fair few this year (I’m a whatsapp whore!) I’ve found out there’s nothing quite as sexy as a bit of good old fashioned dirty talk! 

Before actually committing to a date I like to have some whatsapp fun for a few weeks first to see what they are really like and inevitably it gets round to sex talk. I’d like to take a minute here to praise the inventor of whatsapp voice messaging! Some peeps don’t want to go straight in with a phone call, fair enough I’m abit shit on the phone myself first of all so the whatsapp thing is a really good alternative.

Accents get me as well, I’ve had Canadian, all areas of London, up north, down south, Welsh, Scottish and Irish…fuck I really am a whatsapp whore! And each one of them give me a little tingle….even the brummie one….’Taaaaaaaarrrrnnnnyyyaaaa iiiiiiii waaaaaaaannnnnnnaaaaa fuuuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkk yooooooouuuuu’

Apparently I have a sex phone line operator voice so I’ve been told by more than one guy…well you’ve got to ham it up and give them a little something something right, I’ve spoken on here about charging for it before, seriously need to consider looking into that. 

Swearing gets me going as well,  call me a cunt and I’m anyone’s! It just feels so naughty and hot….so wait a minute I like london accents and swearing? After a year of searching it’s finally clear to me….I’m looking for Danny Dyer!