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The Honeymoon period.

So I was reading an article about how the honeymoon period in relationships is usually over in six months so does that mean it’s all down hill from now for The Scientist and I?

To be honest I’ve barely even got to the honeymoon period with other relationships let alone get past it so I have no idea what’s going on!

I still feel in the early stages. I’m learning new things about him all the time even though we spend a lot of time together. I always look forward to seeing him at the end of the day.

This week he’s away for 4 days….and I know this pathetic but I’m bereft! Absence does not make the heart grow fonder it just leaves an empty space in our bed.

I feel the same way I did about him at the beginning, the excitement is still there and the sex is still the best ever. I want this feeling to last forever. Yes we have our little routines and we’re not going out every evening being wild and crazy but I love this feeling of contentment. Staying in and watching Netflix and then having amazing sex is the one.

For me the honey moon period is over rated, yes it’s exciting but it’s also filled with nervousness, anxiety and games whilst you’re trying to feel each other out. Give me the feeling of being relaxed and comfortable any time over that!

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One month later.

So I’ve been living in Essex for a month now, can’t believe how quick it’s gone!

I love living with The Scientist. We have so much fun together. Next month we move into our new flat which will be awesome. Even though I love the flat we are in now it will be nice to have somewhere that’s ours from the beginning. I thought it would be a massive adjustment living together, as I mentioned before I lived alone for 7 years, but it’s not. We just fit together.

Work has been a harder transition I’m not going to lie, I miss my old work friends massively and the laughs and fun we used to have.

I feel that’s it’s completely swapped, before I had my work life in order and my love life was a mess now I have met my person and my work life needs some work! It’s only been a month though so I’m not going to complain and just give things time to settle.

I’m still 100% sure that I made the right decision to leave and move in with my beloved. Hopefully next month we will be in our new flat and I will be as happy at work as I am at home….fingers crossed!

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20 facts about me.

Day 2 of the 31 day blog challenge.

Ahh I remember how hard this one is….

  1. I’ve mentioned this before numerous times but considering my last one of these started with how I’ve never been in love a good place to start this is…IM IN LOVE! After a long long mostly hideous search I’ve finally found my penguin.
  2. Talking of penguins, The Scientist and I collect them! I worry in 50 years time we will be that weird old couple with all the penguins!
  3. The most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me was when the Scientist searched the whole of Brighton beach to find me a perfect pebble when I sent him this one day: the boy did good!
  4. Brighton is my fave place in the U.K. The beach, the shops just the whole vibe.
  5. But I also really love Essex (all those years of watching TOWIE!) which is good as this year I will be moving there!
  6. We’ve been looking at houses and I always had myself down for an ultra modern kinda gal but nope, apparently I want an old house with real beams…they just look soooo cosy!
  7. My dream house would be a brownstone in NYC, bitch needs a stoop in her life!
  8. As long as the house comes with a black pug (my favourite dog) called lord puggingtons (of course!) and definitely…
  9. No ghosts (which I believe in) then were all set.
  10. I think the ghost thing comes from too many horror films, currently were trying to work our way through all of them on Netflix.
  11. I like the feeling of being scared
  12. I don’t tend to have nightmares and even if I do I constantly lucid dream so can change the outcome if the bad guy is after me!
  13. Or If i do I can chill out by listening to Lewis Capaldi who is my favourite artist at the moment
  14. My best moment of last year ( other than meeting my beloved of course!) was going to see Lewis live, being front row, getting the set list, meeting him after the gig and getting a signed tshirt and taking a selfie.
  15. When I’m not at gigs and meeting rockstars I’m secretly a nerd
  16. My favourite thing to do with The Scientist is to chill out and play scrabble
  17. Im super competitive so it’s a good job I pretty much always win!
  18. I’m not just a letters gal I also have a weird OCD thing with numbers I’m scared of the number 13 and everything has to be in evens.
  19. I have an odd number of tattoos though but I’ve fallen out of love with them so don’t want to have anymore.
  20. A bit like how I don’t want to have kids! I’m super maternal towards my nieces but they are not for me!
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Moving in and moving on.


I realise a lot of you will read this post and think we’re crazy and it’s super fast and maybe you’re right but I’ve never felt happier!

Soooooooo what’s new with me? Nothing much except I’ve asked for a transfer at work so I can move in with The Scientist. No biggie.

I’ve not got a single doubt about moving in with him other than where my hundreds of pairs of shoes will go, I must love him as I’ve been sorting through my stuff ( I’ve lived alone for 7 years so I’ve got a lot of crap!) and already thrown out a few pairs. It was like Sophie’s choice but harder.

I’m sad about leaving work as I love my dysfunctional family there, my friends are scattered about so that’s not a problem and I ll only be an hour away from my family.

I can’t wait to start our lives together.

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Meet the family

Last week I turned 33 (fuck me i’m getting on!) The Scientist, X and I went to my favourite beach to celebrate. I get that this is an unconventional threesome considering my well documented past with X but I love The Scientist and want him to get to know the other important man in my life. Not going to lie I was nervous. They are very different so could have been a disaster luckily they got on very well and we had a lovely day. After our beach adventure it was time to meet the family. I don’t speak to my parents and the only family I have in my life are my sister, brother in law and nieces. But luckily they fell in love with him too! My sister is equally as sassy as me and my nieces are even sassier so it could have been a tough crowd. My sister said that he is one of those people who you can’t help but fall in love with. Yep. Completely agree. I was pretty much there on date 2!

I’m going up north in a few weeks to meet his parents, even though I know they’re lovely (I’ve heard them on the phone) I’m more nervous than I’ve ever been about anything ever. I probably don’t make the best first impression. I’m cocky and loud and sweary so I’m going to have to hold all of that back! Wish me luck!

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Those three little words

So after an amazing 2 months together and spending the last week at his I finally said those words, those words that I’ve never ever even come close to saying before. I Love you. Well actually it slipped out from him whilst we were being all snuggly and I said it back. I do love him. He makes me feel so different to anyone else. I love spending time with him and I love planning our future together. We’ve now said it a million times to each other (yeah, we’re just that cute!) but I feel it stronger every time we say it.

So yeah that all that’s new with me. The lone wolf is finally in LOVE!

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Just my type.

I’m in a reflective mood today, seeing it’s nearing the end of the year it’s got me thinking about the ghosts of dating past, more specifically the types of ghosts.

When I tell my friends about The Scientist, they are all surprised. 95% because I actually have a boyfriend (thanks friends!) and 5% because he’s stable. Stable life. Stable job. Stable family.

I’ve never deliberately gone for bad boys but they have always seemed to find me. Everyone I’ve dated before has issues and are either addicts or drug dealers or you know, drug dealing addicts.

I think like attracts like. Obviously I’m not peddling meth but I am damaged and maybe they can see that in me?

I can remember once when I was chatting to Freckles (chavvy, no home, broke) and the accountant (stable, good job, lots of money.) and we all know who I chose to go on a date with.

Self worth has a lot to do with it. I’ve always gone for wrongens before because that’s all I’ve felt I’ve deserved.

I wasn’t looking for someone like The Scientist but he’s everything I needed. Looks wise he’s obviously my type but personality wise we are so different! He’s laid back, I’m aggy. He’s nice, I’m a shitbag. He’s logical, I’m irrational. He plans, I jump straight in. It still works though.