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Not A ok.

So it's all gone disastrously wrong with Mr A. It's not my fault or even his but circumstances out of his control. I'm not going to go into that as it's not my story to tell.

So what happens next? I'm back at square one. For the 17th time. The.17th. Time. That Sunday I actually let myself believe that things were different and maybe it would work but I was stupid, I've tried to brush this off and have a don't give a shit attitude that I had before but I can't. For once I had sex and didn't feel empty, for once I didn't want him to leave straight away, for once I got the same excitement when he text me after as I had done before. For once I had a teeny bit of hope. Feeling that after months or even a year of not has completely fucked me over.

I'm trying to help him through his shit and be a friend but it's hard, the selfish part of me thinks the timing is so unfair but I know his problems are bigger than that so the other part of me is angry at myself for being selfish.

I've been trying to change and evolve whilst on this journey, meaning I don't let stuff bother me anymore (ha ha….lying here, typing this can't sleep and anxious AF) and it's literally on too the next one so what should I do? Bail and move on or persist and help him through this? I switch on this minute by minute.

Maybe I'm just caught up in the fact he made me feel different? Maybe I have met someone different and he's worth trying to get over this hurdle with? Maybe, maybe, fucking maybe.

I'm sorry this blog is a bit of a shambles. Just reflects how my head is feeling I guess.

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I’m back. 

So I had to end things with Kermie, it’s the last thing I wanted but sometimes you meet someone at a completely wrong time in their life and it makes them into a completely different person to the one you fell for. Got to say it hurts like hell but I guess I have to move on so I’ve gone back to doing exactly what I did before and have delved back into the world of online dating. I’m not really speaking to anyone at the moment don’t think my broken heart is really in it and the messages I’ve had so far….well one confessed to wearing adult nappies (chill your boots, pampers!) and the other wanted me to use him as a toilet….erm hello new husbands! 

Man it feels so good to be back, you know if they’ve changed the meaning of the word good to utterly soul destroying.