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Sex and Scrabble.

So I’ve spent another weekend with The Scientist. And it was another weekend full of sex, laughs, kisses, snuggles and all that other cute and cringy stuff that is probably making everyone vomit right now. We even played Scrabble annnnd I beat him by 30 points…but we don’t talk about that. 30 POINTS though!

I like how when we hang out it’s so comfortable and we spend the whole time together laughing. I have zero anxiety when I’m with him, in fact the only anxiety I have at the moment is being anxious about not being anxious!

Dating, online dating, me, my life

Good Morning.

So I woke up this morning and realised I was done with Mr A.

I should have actually been done when this all started going wrong but I held on to the fact things were a little different with him and that was stupid of me. Things have been a little different with lots of different people in the past so I don't know why I was blinded this time.

He's too angry and bitter. I always think how you react in bad situations shows a lot about you as a person and he's reacted awfully in this one. As I said I'm not going to tell you what's been going on as it's not my place but just because he's been treated badly does not give him the right to treat me badly back. I tried with him, I let him off thinking that it was the situation and underneath he was a nice guy but after the 75th rude and abrupt message I'm done. I can't help him, I was stupid thinking I could. He's at that stage where he's wallowing and making everything worse and fucking himself over in the process. I would be crazy to start off anything with someone like that. I need laid back and fun not someone who's ready to explode.

Looking back I should have seen this coming. Since day one he has told me about this problem and I shouldn't have ignored the way he spoke about it and honestly he shouldn't be on dating sites when he's got all this going on as he's projecting and spreading shit that people just don't need. I get everyone has their issues….read this blog I'm teeming with them but I would never let anyone who I was dating see them.

So it's back to the apps…. I feel ok about it, I've been at the beach the last couple of days so it feels like it's a fresh start.

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Fresh apples. 

So my phone broke and I’ve had to get a new one, whilst I was re downloading all my apps I decided to leave out all the dating ones…..yes I’ve done it again, appageddon part 2! 

It has nothing to do with Mr Wright, I’m not making the mistake of making some grand gesture for it to all go wrong and Im back on them a week later, I just didn’t want to download them, haven’t spoken to anyone decent for months now so don’t see the point I rarely go on them anymore anyway. 

I also had massive contacts clear out. I must of had at least 50 numbers from online contacts! I don’t think it was ever going to be true love with ‘hot tinder guy #4’ or ‘Jimmy cumquickly’ was it?!

New phone also means deleting old pictures and we all know that means dick pictures. I don’t know what they were all still doing on there to be honest! If my phone ever got hacked I’m sure they would think I was an avid collector of the things! There was also some videos that didn’t make the cut either, my ‘deleted’ album is literally like out takes from porn hub. 

So it’s a fresh start and I feel cleansed. I just hope I never get bored and need a nostalgia wank….