Double the Douche. 

So this week has been a case of speaking to guys and then blocking, always a good week dating wise when this happens! 

Let’s start with The Artist, I sort of sensed an immediate clash of personalities but you know me I cracked on! The major warning signs were the questions he was throwing out at me after a day of talking ‘do you fancy me?’ ‘Do you want to fuck me?’ And my personal favourite which is never good ‘how many other guys are you talking to?’ It comes across as soooo needy! Also this may sound wanky but I hate it when I have mundane generic questions thrown at me, I like silly fun conversations that go off on random tangents but here’s this guy asking if I ever had a pet? How does that really learn anything about me? The final straw was when I joked that if he drew me he would get into my pants, well this guy presented me with a doodle and actually thought this meant we would be fucking! Erm…it’s slightly harder than that mate! After he never got the answers that he wanted and I stopped replying he decided that and I quote ‘was a horrible person and he fell into my trap’ my what?! I mean I’ve had a lot of penis but there’s no chance of anyone falling into it! And then he did the classic recovery technique of saying he only messaged me because he was drunk….way to regain your dignity buddy! 

Then there was the racing car driver. A hoot to text (take note doodler!) we were flirting and then he started getting really persistent about coming to my house that night bare in mind we had spoken for about three hours. Well I sacked it off and started speaking to someone else as it started to get annoying. Half an hour later I got an aggressive message asking me why I was still online? Oh god no. I literally can’t be dealing with this shit. If he’s being needy now what would he be like if we were actually going out? So I just straight up blocked him. 

I guess the way I have to look at this now is that maybe it’s a good thing I’m meeting all these dickheads, because eventually they will run out and I will have blocked them all to make way for my prince! I’m being wildly optimistic aren’t I?! 

The best thing to happen this year. 

Day 22 of the 31 day blog challenge:

So we’re only on January and the year is still young so I’m going to mix this up and do my two best days so far this year. 

First was my birthday. X and I carried on our going to London tradition and had a really nice day. We then went back to see my family and it melts my heart how much my nieces love him…and how much my sister does as well! 

Secondly was my birthday party I got to spend time with most of my favourite people, X of course…shout out to the pre birthday fumble and exquisite finger action! My best friend Jessica, who even though she was poorly still travelled down to see me and Dannypoos who also travelled a long way. It’s was such a lovely group and awesome to have my friends under one roof. 

I really hope I can carry on having amazing days this year. 

Day 2. 

It feels like ages since I’ve written this blog. I needed a break from all of it after I got hustled. 

There has been a few developments though. Date #12 with the Essex boy. Not really any spark. He got a call in the middle of the date saying his mum was having heart palpitations and he had to leave… yes I started laughing! Such an obvious line! Was more pissed off that I spent quite a lot of money getting to London only to be stranded and have to get X to pick me up. He’s text me since trying to tell me that it did actually happen but I think the moments gone. 

And then we move on to Wheels…for the past few weeks we have been getting closer. He’s become one of my best friends which is weird because I never went online to find a friend, but he’s a best friend who I fancy a teeny bit. Hanging out is imminent, being busy over Christmas has kinda stopped it but now it’s all over we can crack on. The good thing about it is if we don’t fancy each other in real life I’ve still found a friend who’s become really important to me. 

I’ve got no hopes or aspirations for 2017 when it comes to dating. I’m sure it’s going to come with serious highs and lows but you know what? I survived 2016. I can survive anything.