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It’s not you, it’s me. 

I feel like I haven’t blogged in ages but I’m kind of in a wierd place with it, I keep talking to ok guys and we arrange dates and it’s all going well til I just get bored. Literally one minute it’s going well and then the next day comes and all excitement and enthusiasm goes and I can’t be assed to text them. 

Take the movie guy (he did something with movie makeup) we chatted and then had a nice call, and I’m sure we would have had a really nice date but he text me one day and I just didn’t reply. 

And then the gnome (I know this is weird but he looked like a gnome! And once that was in my mind I couldn’t unthink it or unsee the image of him sitting on a toadstool going fishing!)  was going really well until yesterday I just didn’t feel anything. He kept asking what’s wrong and I just gave him one word replies. I felt mean until he did the most ridiculous thing and dick pic-ed me out of the blue…talk about not being able to read a mood! After seeing his insufficient penis I was fully done. We had this morning text thing and I just left it, he got the hint as I saw he had then blocked me on twitter…score for you mate! Oh well saves me a job! I guess it’s awkward when you get no…praise?….is that what they want? From a dick pic.

This has been going on since Freckles, I was so in to him until the second he left my house and then it was nothing. 

I think I’m all about the chase (fuck I’m such a man!) and then when I’ve got what I want I’m just not interested. I guess it’s going to take someone amazing to break that. Sorry Gnomeo It wasn’t you, but it’s summer, you little fellas love this time of year! 


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