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The Evolution of Tan

Firstly I’m writing this post whilst I’m watching Magic Mike for the first time ever! I feel like I’m a let down to the female species that I haven’t seen this earlier. Have had sex to that pony song that’s in it though…that is the sexiest song ever! Anyhoo I going to get started before clothes start coming off. 

This post is all about taste and how mine has evolved over the years of doing this. I mean I will always swipe for the skinny bearded band member that’s standard but once upon a time I would always go for these fellas…

The Bald Guy: Usually with a beard,  looking back I’ve never been on a date with one but they always used to be my go to swipe, I’m not sure why. I like good hair. I always thought oral would be freaky…looking down and seeing one of the Mitchell brothers between my legs. 

The Ginger Guy: I ve spoken about these before, they are always so moody and and hung up on the colour of their hair, I’ve also never met one that can make me cum. 

The tattooed guy: I used to love guys with tattoos, I’m sure it even says something about this in my POF  bio ( I really need to change that!) but I think I’ve seen way too many bad ones! There’s nothing more distracting than a guy on top of me with ‘knowledge is power’ scrawled across his chest in script that my 4 year old niece could do better…maybe you should have had a bit of knowledge about the tattooist mate! 

Nowadays I don’t really have a type I just go on instinct….HOLY MOTHER OF FUCKBALLS….before watching this movie I would have never have swiped for a muscly guy but I’ve just seen Channing gyrate and I got a major tingle…I’m going to go and cool down. 


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