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Happy Wednesday! 

*DISCLAIMER* I’ve adorned my ranty pants! 

So this morning I was going about my day on my way to work and I received a messaged from a guy who said he wanted to ruin me. I’m guessing he didn’t mean financially! I think ‘ruin’ is such a derogatory term. It sounds aggressive and not at all sexy. 

This guy has messaged me before and I’ve made it clear I’m not interested, when I told him this and if he kept going he would be ending up on POF Fails, I received these messages. 

So just because he can’t handle rejection he thinks it’s ok to threaten a stranger?! Funny thing is I don’t even live in Dunstable! 

Then he goes on how he’s found out who I am? So he’s online stalked me…not helping himself look less crazy is he? 

The thing is I was never interested in this guy because he looks really aggressive in all his pictures. I hate men that think they’re hard. It’s literally one of my biggest turn offs. Give me a pansy ass skinny dude with a beard any day! 

It’s not ok to send these kinds of messages though! If he’s going to be disgusting to me I’m not going to let him get away with it but no one deserves to be threatened. 

So fuck you bedscatman! Ironic you’ve called yourself that considering the closest you ll ever get to any pussy is your pof user name! 


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