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Back at it. 

I massively been neglecting my swiping recently (see previous blogs!) so it’s time to get back on it. The thought doesn’t exactly fill me with the warm fuzzies because I’ve realised that as much as I like meeting new people I much prefer just concentrating on one person and finding out about them that’s way more exciting to me. 

I decided to reset my Tinder. I thought it was shady to hit people up whom I’ve ignored for a week. This feels better as it’s a fresh start and the chance to swipe all those hotties who my sausage fingers accidentally said no to the first time round! 

So far I’ve had quite a few matches and some nice little conversations here and there but it’s mostly been a trip down cringey memory lane. I’ve seen two people that I’ve hooked up with…Mr ‘I’ve got a huge dildo under my bed that I can dust off to make you cum’ that line still makes me laugh and simultaneously want to scrub myself clean and then Mr ‘pulls a really intense, distracting sex face’ I don’t know why I ever met him. Looking back he isn’t my type so the fact we got to third base in the cinema and then all the way back at his kinda makes me die inside. I’m the queen of the bad choice. I also keep seeing randos who I’ve had boring mundane conversations with. 

I’m still feeling positive and upbeat. I’ve still got 7 months on my mission to fall in crazy love and be happy. So far this year I’ve met one person who I saw a glimmer of hope of that with so I’m not going to give up! 


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