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Be still my tweeting heart.

I recently read an interesting article that Twitter was infact the best dating app. That’s right, Twitter not Tinder. 

I’ve had mixed experiences on Twitter. Let’s start with X. Even though we met at work he was hardly the chatty type but on the rare occasion he did talk to me he mentioned Twitter, I obviously went home that evening and stalke….followed him. I found out he’s a screen writer, loves fashion and is hilarious! All things I didn’t get from him at work. So I slid into his DMs and the rest, they say is history. 

More recently I’ve had some more Twitter action in the form of Girlfriend dude and good hair dude. Girlfriend dude messaged me saying how he liked my blog which was cute and I’ve always got time for fans 😉 so I messaged him back. He was getting flirty so I asked him if he had a girlfriend and he admitted they did but they weren’t getting on well, he gave me some personal details which I wasn’t that comfortable with. I also shut the flirting straight down as soon as he mentioned his other half. I would never go there. The thought of doing that repulses me. Anyway after a few days he told me they had broken up and tried to start flirting again which is all incredibly convenient. He hasn’t messaged me in a while so that’s good. Good hair dude is a bit different. He RTed me I think so I gave him a follow and we flirted a bit on the main page, he then slid in to my DMs and I managed to get his number in two messages! Yeah I’m that good. I’m not going to lie it did lead to sexting but he lives so far away nothing could happen. But it was at a time when I wasn’t chatting to anyone online so it was fun and sexy. 

The article said that you can get so much more from someone’s tweets than a Tinder profile and in Xs case that was true, completely the opposite for good hair guy! On Twitter he comes across as a funny little nerd, probably quite shy and I would eat him alive, on whatsapp though he was a cocky little hornbag. To be honest I think I liked the geek more. 

I need to also mention TV dude (he had been in a few adverts!) flirted with me, I didn’t like him so never flirted back and then he sent me a picture of his dick up against a tape measure! That just about says it all. 

I guess both apps are just a massive front anyway and it all comes down to what happens when you both take it to the next level of whatsapp and then meeting. 

Personally I still think Tinder is better. I actually like finding out about the person that isn’t limited to 140 characters. If some of the famous hot guys I follow want to do the DM slide though I’m totally down for that! 

If any of my readers on here want to hear more of my nonsense you guys can follow me @TeezyPrizzle


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