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So the last bit of my previous post was about how I kinda liked someone and i would ruin it…turns out it’s has gone tits up but I literally did nothing wrong. 

So Pudsy (he had an eye thing) seemed really cool at first but then he started to get ridiculously full on ‘I’m in awe of you’ ‘i can’t stop thinking about you’ it’s been two days mate. Chill your fucking boots. 

I thought he was just a nice guy who had a bit of a crush but then the stories started, I was out for dinner with X so Pudsy made up he was on a date to make me jealous. I don’t tell anyone where I work for safety reasons mainly but this guy then stalked my Facebook saw an event I was tagged in, thought this was my work place so pretended he had once seen me in this shop to try and catch me out. Utter craziness! 

I know liking someone makes you do crazy things but fuck me (or not…sorry Puds!) this guy was new level. I genuinely thought he was a sweet guy but this was too much. 

I like guys that are open with their feelings it’s really attractive to me but don’t declare your undying love after less than a week please! 

Oh well another one bites the dust. Thanks dude for being all weird and shit and ruining any chance of me getting laid anytime soon! 


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