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Professionally crazy.

X and I were in London for a gig last week and my matches were crazy! Over the space of an evening I had over 500 views on OKC…it’s time to move to the big smoke! London boys are so my type as well. 

Something hilarious (actually looking at it, it’s totally not hilarious) happened whilst we were in London I was chatting to a guy on tinder and he asked for my blog so I linked him up. Did I mention he was a psychologist? Well…erm…yeah he read it and has never spoken to me again. So apparently I scare off professionals now?! To be honest I would have thought I would be a psychologists wet dream! I didn’t judge him for starting off the conversation with the splash water/ sex/ blow job emoji so he really should take a look at himself first. 

In other news I’ve phased out the DILF. For once I’ve made a sensible decision! It would have just been a sex thing and as he’s a tegular customer the awkwardness would be too much. Also my friend pointed out that I can’t sleep with staff and customers and he was right. As sad as I am to see the DILF go he was just an older fuckboy. Upping my age range to 40 hasn’t made me meet anyone sensible instead it’s now older men with kids who ask to see my tits!! I want to call them fuck dads but it sounds pornhub. So apparently my prince isn’t an older guy. Well least I gave it a shot! 


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