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Is age just a number? 

It’s been a while since my last blog and things have been pretty uneventful until last night but I ll get to that in a bit…

I didn’t go out with Mr Wright 2 I knew that I would just be settling. The Dr has either died/ broken his phone or, you know, just being a straight up twat and I’m not the kind to chase people so I’m done. 

I’ve widened my search on Tinder and upped the age range to 40. I’ve never been out with an older guy before I always thought it screamed daddy issues (and to be fair with my family situ I should have rampant daddy issues!) and I guess I’ve just never really been into silver foxes, no George Clooney fantasies for me. 

Here’s where the weird bit comes in the only older guy I’ve spoken to so far…let’s call him the DILF (he’s 40 and has a daughter) is someone who I kind of know. He’s a customer in my shop. I’ve perved on him ever since he came in, he’s just my type, dresses well, skinny, has a beard etc but because he is usually with his daughter I assumed he was married so just admired him from afar. I can’t believe after 2+ years of noticing the guy I’ve now got his number and have flirted with him. Life’s weird isn’t it? I didn’t say anything about recognising him but it made me laugh when he was telling me where he came from and about his daughter and In the back of my mind I’m like ‘yeah I already know mate!’

I’m getting vibes that he just wants ‘fun’ and we all know I ideally want something a bit more but am I going to stop talking to him and rule out a date with someone who I’ve fancied for ages? Am I fuck. He’s not only hot but he’s also smart and charming and funny. 

This dating lark has gotten so old for me I may as well mix it up and go for something old…right? 


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