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Fuck off. 

So last night this happened….

I’m sooooooo bored of this! Old contacts getting drunk/bored/lonely and hitting me up! 
This is about the third time hot but dull has done this to me. It’s not ok. He can’t keep treating me like shit, messaging really nicely for a few days suggesting we go out and then ghosting me and then a couple of months later doing it all over again.

He didn’t get the message when I told him to fuck off and kept saying that he loved talking to me and wanted us to be friends…wow…just because we wanked together over the phone once isn’t a solid enough basis for a friendship! I thought this guy was hot, thought. Past tense. This was literally months ago. I never liked his personality but we had one nice phonecall so I gave him a chance based on that and I was wrong. I deleted his number and moved on. I don’t get why he can’t just do the same to me. 

The one positive I took from this whole embarrassing situation is that he actually called himself hot but dull. Although ironically I don’t even think he’s hot anymore his ugly personality negates that. 


2 thoughts on “Fuck off. 

  1. I totally had something very similar happen to me last night. I hate guys that think that they can try to reappear into your life long after it ended. And agreed! Personality is totally important in attraction.


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