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My week so far….

So I’ve decided to give Mr Wright II the benefit of the doubt and go out with him this week. Shallow as it sounds I can’t let that amazing face and ahem…penis (we’ve ramped up the sexting and helllllooo big dick!) slip away. In the back of my mind I know we have nothing in common and it will probably be a disaster but hey ho when have I ever made good choices? 

I text The Horn Dog….well I’m a coward and waited for him to message me and said that even though the sexual chemistry was ok (I have to confess that we did a lot more than kiss!) I didn’t feel a connection anywhere else and I want more than a fuck buddy. 

The Dr has decided to ghost me and I’ve decided to leave him to it. I literally do not have time to be messed around. By doing that he’s spurred me on to go out with Mr Wright, so his loss. Thinking about it, I need a man and not a mouse and up until now he’s been a bit of a pussy, I know he’s the kinda man like Mr Wright the first, who has so many issues they get in the way of his happiness and I’m not willing to deal with all that again. 

So that’s my week so far, kinda intrigued to see how it will end. 


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