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Why did you have to go and make things so complicated? 

Oh god where do I start? 

Let’s talk about the guy who brought my horn back…The Horn Dog. We’ve been texting for just under a week, he’s fun and silly and really sexy. He’s my perfect type looks wise and penis size wise. He’s made me excited about doing this again and I actually can’t wait to meet him. 

But because someone somewhere hates me my life can never ever be that simple can it? 

The Dr has returned! Let me talk about the Dr, he was my second ever online date, we literally spoke for months before meeting up as that’s what I used to do back in the day, it was pretty intense. We went on a date in Camden and he was really nervous he got drunk which did put me off a bit but I still really liked him. He went a bit cold after our date and I was really really upset when he didn’t want to see me again. A week or so ago I saw him on Tinder and gave him a nostalgic right swipe. Last night he starts properly messaging me. I ask him what happened last time and basically he was intimidated by X. Totally my fault for being so open about it, I wouldn’t like a man who has a friendship with a women like mine with X so I get him being intimidated. I wish he had told me this two years ago though so I could have explained the situation. 

So now I’m in a pickle! I’ve never been one to date more than one man. It’s not me. Right now I really want to go out with The Horn Dog, I fancy him and I want to see what happens. 

Where does that leave The Dr? My whole mission this year was to not look back, move on and be happy. Going back was a massive mistake once, is there any point in doing it again? But on the other hand maybe he came back into my life for a reason? Aggghhh I’m so confused! 

Tune in next time kids for another instalment of Teezys crazy life! I have a feeling that this it’s only about to get more crazy! 


One thought on “Why did you have to go and make things so complicated? 

  1. Just go for it. Date both and see what happens. From your newest post, it already seems like you aren’t that interested in The Horn Dog. With online dating, sometimes juggling a few guys at once is what you need to do to find one that’s worth your time. Not many people end up being who they are in their profiles, so meeting 10 to find 1 guy is usually what happens for me.


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