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A little update. 

#1 and definitely the most important my horn has returned! I’m not saying why or how yet but it’s back and stronger than ever! 

#2 last night I get a message from Ringo… ffs! I literally had to scroll back in this blog to remember who he was! Then I realised he was someone that I really didn’t like and had blocked. He was all ‘I feel we have a connection’ I had to tell him straight that we really didn’t. 

#3 the two guys who I’ve been speaking to are both on holiday and it couldn’t be more opposite in terms of contact whilst they have been away. I’m keeping quiet on the first guy (for now!) but the second is Mr Wright II. We’ve literally not spoken at all and is it bad I haven’t missed him? We spoke on the phone before he went away and he did seem cute and a million times better than on text (maybe it was because he couldn’t use the thumbs up emoji!) but I still don’t really feel a spark. Maybe sometimes the spark isn’t instant but I don’t know if I can be bothered to wait around and find out. 

#4 I’ve made another online dating ‘friend’. If you’ve been with this blog since the beginning you would have heard me talk about HBG, the other day we actually spoke for the first time. He’s funny and silly but we’ve been chatting for years now and I don’t fancy him and he doesn’t fancy me. We literally want completely opposite things. I want to fall in love and he wants to bang. It’s good to have another friend to talk about this online dating shit with. 

#4 something else has happened but I’m also keeping this very much on the DL as I’m processing it at the minute and working out what I want from it and if I want anything from it. 

So that’s what’s new with me, it’s weird after months and months of total meh loads of things have come at once! 


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