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As my other blog tonight was a bit short and lame I’m going to hit you with a non challenge blog and take it back to some online dating Shiz…Imma bout to put my ranty pants on and ask men to stop using emojis as a substitute for a personality! 

Now I’ve fizzled things out with Mr Wright #2 because he bored my pants off and even though he was hot as all holy hell I realised that I didn’t fancy him and would never go out with him. The main reason for this is he just couldn’t hold a conversation, I had reached the point where I’ve stopped texting first because conversations with this guy send me to sleep. He literally answers most questions with this emoji… 👍🏻 wtf am I supposed to do with that? It’s such a conversation stopper. If that emoji was taken away this guy would be fucked. I got bored with pulling him up on it so instead started to reply with it back to quickly end the conversation. 

I also don’t like the gif thing they’ve introduced on tinder. Men seem to now think it’s ok to send one of these without any words. I’m sorry dudes but you can’t open a conversation with one of those! I find them so annoying and pointless. 

I’m not saying don’t use emojis at all but use them to enhance the conversation  (I mean we all melt at this little fella 😘!) not instead of actual words because if you continue to do this you ll just be getting this one back 🖕🏼. 


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