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My dream job.

Day 23 of the 31 day blog challenge. 

Obviously I’m already living my (worst nightmare!) dream by working as a sales assistant so this will be the shortest blog in history. 

Just kidding! My dream job would be a stylist for men. I know you’re all thinking I would be in it for the inside leg measurements and “accidental” glimpses into the changing rooms, but truthfully I just know I would be good at it! I know what looks good on men and I’ve pimped out (jeez that sounds wrong!) a few of my male friends and made them look banging! Proof you can polish a turd if you sprinkle a little Tanya glitter on it. 

X is the only male who knows more about clothes and shoes than me. He’s just purchased some Cavalli driving shoes…I didn’t even know driving shoes where a thing? I’m sure they’re not and he just wanted some new shoes, like how I convince myself that I totally need a slightly different shade of suede ankle boots. 

So yeah that’s my dream. If not I ll hold out til I become a successful blogger and have my own makeup and clothes range or knowing how this blog tends to go…my own line of condoms! 


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