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My top 10 favourite foods. 

Day 21 of the 31 day blog challenge: 

I’ve written before how my diet is similar to an unsupervised child at a party so it might take me a while to actually think of 10 different foods…. ok…here we go….

  1. Peanut Butter: spread on anything and everything except someone whilst having sex…because…ewww! 
  2. Haribos: starmix FTW
  3. Avacados: can literally eat these like an apple! 
  4. Sausages: because, sausages. 
  5. Cheese: other than blue cheese which is yucky I would literally put cheese on everything if I could! 
  6. Steak: medium rare. 
  7. A big dirty burger and…
  8. A big dirty kebab: I love going to diners when I east out and will always order a hotdog or a burger. I also love a kebab after a night out. Yes I’m classy. 
  9. Spaghetti Bolognese: can’t go wrong with meat and pasta 
  10. Gherkins/pickles: anyone who takes these out of their McDonald’s and throws them away is a monster! I love them! Try to resist buying massive jars as I ll eat them all! 

 I’m probably the only person who answered this and didn’t go for chocolate and pizza. X laughs at me every time we go to Pizza Hut because I much prefer the salad bar (hellllooo bacon bits making me feel like a well behaved dog!) to actual pizza and once I went to Nando’s and had a steak sandwich as I don’t really like chicken! I’m a dick. 
Only 9 days left of this challenge! Might be kinda sad when it ends. I’ve enjoyed knuckling down and writing it everyday. 


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