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What I collect.

Day 19 of the 31 day blog challenge: 

If you scrolled through my camera roll you would think that I collected dick pics. I could honestly make a glossy coffee table book of the amount of peen I have received over the years! I once ran out of space and had to delete 2,000 (no exaggeration!) Penis pictures. I’m clearly somewhat of a cock connoisseur but I still don’t think it looks pretty on camera. 

Like any other woman I also collect shoes. They make me happy. I’m never having kids so least let me have some beautiful suede boot babies! 

I also have a thing about snow globes. Have loads of them on my window sil. Try to get one from places I visit and get gifted loads from places other people visit which is nice. 

To be honest I’m a bit of a horder. I can never throw anything away and love little trinkets as I see them as memories, this doesn’t refer to the dick pics though! I’m not exactly scrolling through having a nostalgia wank! I’m just too lazy to delete them! 


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