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100 swipes 2017 edition. 

Last year I swiped 100 times on all the different dating sites I’m on to see what site was best and how many hits I got off each. I don’t really remember if I met anyone from doing this but as this is my year of being positive I’m going to try again! I think last time I only liked about 30 out of 500 people…eek! 

So here goes…

Badoo: 1

Ok not the best start….

POF: 2

Erm….I guess that’s double but still where are all the decent men at? 

OKC: 1

Yeah this isn’t funny now. 

Bumble: 1

Oh my god! What is happening?! I haven’t turned picky but literally no one is catching my eye! To be honest I think Bumble has loads of bait accounts because all the men look like total models on there! Ok so finally my old friend…

Tinder: 7

Ok that’s slightly better. I’m trying to be positive here! So out of 500 people I swiped right on a grand total of….drum roll please…12.

You know what? it only takes 1 good swipe anyway. So I definitely think  I’ve swiped my Prince Charming. 

Can I stop fake smiling now? 


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