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My proudest moment.

Day 17 of the 31 day blog challenge:

I think it was writing this blog!…hear me out…I started this as a bit of a jokey online diary, somewhere I could vent and tell all my funny and weird stories, I never advertised it until about a year after starting it. My goal was to have 10,000 views by January 1st and I reached way over 11,000! Now I know you shouldn’t be defined by likes or views or follows but it’s crazy to me that anyone reads this and the fact that people world wide read it…I’ve even had views in Yemen! Apparently a good cock pun goes a long way! 

As well as writing this I’m also proud of how I’ve handled situations recently, there was a time when I would cry and get major anxiety over tinder fuckboys but now I just pick myself up and move on. Finally learnt to have a bit of self worth. 

So yeah I’m super proud of my little dating bloggy and thanks to everyone that’s ever read it! 


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