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Top of my bucket list. 

Day 16 of the 31 day blog challenge: 

Obviously the very top of my bucket list is a foursome. Tom Hardy, Leo dicaps and David Beckham.

Failing that I’m actually doing this thing where I’m trying to see everyone on my iPod live. Gigs are my happy place. I love being right in the crowd listening to live music and watching my favourite band perform. I’m doing pretty well I’ve seen about 65 people live at the last count. 

Some artists have fucked it for me and died though…yes I’m talking to you MJ! I actually had tickets to his tour and it makes me upset I never got to see someone as amazing as him perform. 

The best person I’ve seen live is obviously Ben Howard. He was just so perfect ( I know I’m the worlds biggest fan girl!) and the worst probably Britney….come on poppet if you’re going to perform live at least make sure your mic is actually switched on for more than one song! 

I always thought a gig was a really good date place. Yeah you can’t really talk (trust me I don’t want to!) but you can always stand in front of them have a little dance and maybe a sneaky little grind. 

If any eligible batchelors out there want to take me to see Mr Howard then I’m more than game but not going to lie I will be screaming over him and not you! 


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