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Mr Wright the second (and hopefully improved!) 

Before I do my blog challenge for today Imma tell you about the weird night I had tonight with Mr Wright the second…trust me to find someone else with that surname! 

I spoke a little about him yesterday  he’s seriously beautiful looking think old school Steve McQueen. Actually he’s probably one of the hottest dudes I’ve ever spoken to online which must be saying something! But I’ve learnt I need more than looks and Wrighty mark 2 wasn’t cutting the mustard…he started off well but recently he just started to reply with one word answers unless we were whatsapp wanking. This year I’ve decided I haven’t got time for that shit so I called him out on it and then blocked him. Brutal I know but I’ve spent too long messing about. 

Instantly I receive a text telling me it was rude to block him…ok so this boy has got some balls! I replied saying there was no point and he told me that he was shit on text and to be patient. At this point I’m torn on one hand: Steve McQueen on the other captain boring. The last person who was hot but dull and I gave more than one chance to turned out to be a massive cunt. 

Long story short I unblocked Mr Wright the second. Maybe I’ve made a mistake but since doing it he’s gone back to being super fun. Maybe he got a bit complacent? I guess the next stage is the phonecall. If I have any doubts about him after that then it will be so long Steve McQueen. I might get him to send me a few pictures first…..the wank bank always needs a fresh deposit! 


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