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If I won the lottery…

Day 14 of the 31 day blog challenge: 

Hookers and blow. End of story. 
Just kidding!! Firstly I ll start with the non shallow things…I would give some of it away to young carers and homeless charities as both those hold a special place in my heart. I would also pay off my sisters mortgage as she is my world. The girls would get endless presents even though they don’t need anything and Simon could pick a car. X would have a Harrods shopping spree and my best friend would get her dream Louis Vuitton. 

Now on to me… shoes, bags, shoes bags and shoes mainly! I would also like to fuck off round the world for a bit mainly so I can buy international shoes and bags! Or just so X can grope me on international shores! He’s coming round the world with me. I would love to be able to give up our jobs. He’s a screen writer so I would be able to fund a movie for him. I couldn’t be away from my family for too long so I would like to buy a flat locally (gotta be able to store those shoes and bags!) nothing too big as it’s pointless. 

I know I should be sensible and invest it but you also know that I’m a shit adult so I’d rather see my money on hanging off my arms or on my feet! 

This post makes me seem really materialistic so please just read the bit where I donated some to charity. 

Day 15 tomorrow! We are racing through these days…I have to do a timeline of my day. So peeps…. are you ready to find out how boring I really am?! 


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