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So last night my dating world and my friends collided and it actually worked out really well! 

It was day 3 of my birthday celebrations so myself (obvs!) X and a few other friends went to the bar that Wheels lives above. I guess it was a weird set up looking back as theres been sex involved with two birthday party attendees! 

Wheels fitted straight into my friendship group, almost like he had always been there, everyone loved him. It was really lovely to see. I’m so happy that I can now call him my friend and everything else has been gotten out of our systems! 

X and I had a little fumble again before the party started. I’ve just accepted now that it happens when we are unsupervised so unless we make sure we never hang out by ourselves our underwear is probably going to come off. 

Anyway I’m going to post this and get back to sleeping. I had a lot to drink last night and now I’m an old lady I can’t handle that shit! 


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