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15 of my favourite things. 

Day 11 of the 31 day blog challenge: 

Ok so this list is in no particular order…

  1. My nieces: Pooz and Pops mean everything to me. They make me smile every time I’m with them and fill my heart with unconditional love that I’ve never really felt before. 
  2. My Sister: We drive each other crazy but she’s still my fave 
  3. My brother in law: The only steady male influence in my life ever. He’s been like a dad to me and I’m so glad my sister found him and brought him into my life. He’s absolutely hilarious. I used to work with him for a bit and he used to crack me up. If I ever got married I would want Simon to walk me down the aisle. 
  4. Sex: duh 
  5. Orgasms: double duh
  6. Peanut butter: not to be used in sex as it looks like you’re making a dirty protest 
  7. My best Friend: My beautiful Lovieloos has been with me for 20 years now and we’re closer than ever. I love how she’s the complete opposite to me in some ways and my complete twin in others. She is literally one of my fave humans. 
  8. X: Not just because he has magic hands but because he’s the only person to ever get me 100%. He also calls me on my bullshit and even though I hate it at the time he’s always right. 
  9. Hugs: Nothing cheers me up quicker than a hug. 
  10. Shoes: Because I’m a bitch and bitches love shoes. 
  11. Handbags: You can’t have a decent pair of shoes without a decent handbag. 
  12. Tom Hardy: That face…that body…those tattoos…those wonky teeth…
  13. Live music: Gigs are my happy place 
  14. Ben Howard: His music touches me and makes me touch myself
  15. My Blog: I really like writing this and telling everyone about my fucked up crazy dating experiences it’s cathartic for me and I hope it’s funny for you.

Tune in tomorrow for what’s in my fridge SPOILER ALERT…nothing! 


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