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My worst habits. 

Day 9 of the 31 day blog challenge:

Firstly today is my birthday! Yay! Meeting up with X in the morning and going to London so it should be a nice day…anyhoo I digress.

I’m not really sure what my worst habits are? Maybe I should ask X? I’m sure he would be able to reel off a few hundred! 

Ok let’s begin….

Swearing: I have the worst potty mouth. No word is out of bounds. I work with a lot of men so that kinda makes it worse.

Social media: yes I’m obsessed with my phone! Yes I check Facebook, twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram every morning, every night and about 20 times a day…bite me.

Being bossy: I have the worst tone of voice which makes everything I say sound pure evil but it’s not meant like that..honestly. Well sometimes it is. As I’ve said before working in retail means sometimes people have to be put in their place. 

Ok last as one I don’t think it’s very good for the soul to list bad things about yourself…sometimes I pluck my eyebrows on the bus! What can I say? The lighting is really good! 

Anyway I’m off to bed and going to wake up all old and wrinkly being 32…HELP! 


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