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What’s in my handbag. 

Day 8 of the 31 day blog challenge: 

Firstly sorry about the picture it was the easiest way I could do this! 

  1. My Actual bag! Brought this Lulu Guinness bag in December it was my little splurge for the year and I love it. 
  2. Lulu Guinness Vaseline. I’m all about the lips and my adorable sister got me this to match my handbag.
  3. Body spray. A girls gotta smell nice right?
  4. Keys. Standard 
  5. Tablets. I’m always getting poorly, whether it’s a headache or a cold so I’m always carrying meds. 
  6. Phone charger. Yes I’m obsessed with my phone and it’s always in my hand…a girls gotta keep up with her online dating notifications! 
  7. Pin sentry. I’m an online banker. 
  8. Passport. I wish this was because I’m often jet setting around the world but it’s actually  because it’s my only form of ID and clearly I’m always whipping it out and getting mistaken for an 18 year old.
  9. Mirrors. I don’t love myself so much I have two! Ones a compact and ones a YSL blush.
  10. iPod. X gave me this as a present, he’s such a sweetheart sometimes. 
  11. Bus ticket. Yes I’m a bus wanker! I can’t drive. I don’t think I would be very good at it. I have a really short attention span. Also my two hour commute to work is the perfect opportunity to tinder.
  12. Condoms. Because I never know what’s going to happen and it’s best to be safe. 
  13. MAC makeup bag. Because it’s expensive to look this cheap.
  14. Purse. Standard

So that’s what I’m carrying round on a daily basis! Sometimes I wish I was a guy so I could just put my money and shit In my pockets but then I realise how much joy I get from buying handbags! They are my babies! 


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