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My pet hates.

Day 7 of the 31 day blog challenge: 

If you’ve read this blog before you will know all about my online dating peeves from the gym selfie to the user name to the ‘I love travelling’ when you’ve only been to Ibiza for a week but actually quite a lot of stuff pisses me off! 

The main contender being people that open crisp packets upside down…I know it’s weird, but how greedy do you have to be to not check your Walkers are the correct way up? (Other crisp brands are available!) I’ve never met anyone that felt this way until I met X. Pretty sure I knew he was my soul mate after that. 

People that act stupid. It’s not cute to be stupid ladies but it’s really hot to be smart. 

People that hum or chew loudly also get my goat. Just stop. 

I work in retail. It is so hard for me not to punch customers daily my main pet hates at work are ‘do you work here?’ No I’m just putting out stuff in uniform for shits and giggles. ‘How much is this?’ Oh ffs it’s literally written all over the store! ‘So and so isn’t available…’ oh that must be my fault! Every single day I have to bite my tongue so hard that I’m surprised it hasn’t fallen off! 

An old friend once said to me they had never met someone with so many pet hates. Oh well try not to piss me off then. 

Oh wait I’ve just remembered one last one…men with long fingernails. Speaking as someone whose ex once scraped them I can tell you that it’s really really unpleasant. Save the nail extensions for the ladies, fellas! My vagina literally just clenched at the memory of it. 


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