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10 songs I love right now. 

Day 5 of the 31 day blog challenge:

Ok so I don’t listen to the radio or keep up to date with all the latest bands and stuff I just like what I like. I tend to listen to all the songs on my iPod repeatedly until I’m sick of them! 

I’m just going to list you 10 of my favourite songs…

Can I have 10 Ben Howard songs? Ok let me have 2. The Fear and The End of the affair both these songs touch me and I think they are beautiful.

Power by Bastille. Actually I love every song on the wild world album but this one is amazing. The lyrics make me think of all the times I’ve let little fuckboys get to me 

Waiting all night by Rudimental. I’m very much one for guitar playing, meaningful sometimes depressing lyrics so this might be a strange choice but I just love this song! Makes me want to scream out the lyrics and dance! 

Fix you by Coldplay. See above about meaningful sometimes depressing lyrics! ‘When you love someone and it goes to waste’ don’t know why but that line always got me and makes me cry. 

Walk away by The Script. I love this band and I love this song. Once again the lyrics touch me and give me all the feels.

Little lion man and Snake Eyes By Mumford and sons. Another one of my favourite bands so they get two songs. 

A million reasons by Lady Gaga. The only recent song on my list but I love Gaga. She gives everything when she sings this song and it’s like she’s really feeling the lyrics.

You’ve got the love. The original Candi Staton version. If I ever get married I want this song played as I swoosh up the aisle. Make it all romantic and have someone on a harp or something. 

Sorry this post wasn’t very online datey but future husband if you’re reading this…book Ben Howard and Mumford and a Candi Staton harp playing lady for our wedding,  yeah? 


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