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Date #13…the mate date. 

So I finally had my date with wheels. I say ‘date’ it just involved us getting drunk and high! 

I’m going to count this as lucky number 13 though as even though there was zero romance or fancying each other I genuinely think I have made a real friend who I actually care about. To me that means so much more than going out with someone and all that hassle because to me this is infinite. We get along so well and I genuinely hope he is in my life for a very long time. 

After a 3 month build up wheels has exceeded all expectations. He’s kind, smart charming and funny he’s also very beautiful so even if he doesn’t give me the horn whoever ends up with him is very very lucky. 

2017 has started really positively with dating I really hope this continues. 

**UPDATE** so after I wrote this blog last night Wheels came to bed and we had quite a lot of sex. It just happened and definitely won’t happen again. Drunk and high Tanya does not make the best decisions! 


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