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20 facts about me. 

Day 2 of the 31 day blog challenge: 

Here goes…My name is Tanya, My middle name is spelt wrong and  I’ve never been in love, don’t even really think I’ve ever come close. I’ve really really liked people but just not that whole love thing. That’s my aim for this year though I want to fall in love! Ridiculous crazy love, last year has screwed me over so much that Im scared of dating, which is stupid because usually I love meeting new people it’s so exciting. Another thing that I’m scared of is Pigeons, actually most birds in general. I think it was after I watched the Alfred Hitchcock film ‘The Birds’ so I will now go out of my way and cross the road to avoid one much like I would do with all the men I spoke to last year. I don’t talk to any of the 2016 dudes. It’s a good thing though I like going into the year with a clean slate. The only man that has hung on is Wheels, will he be my best friend or something more? My ideal man is a cross between Tom Hardy, David Beckham and the most beautiful man I ever did see the late Paul walker so if Wheels could be a mixture of all of them that would be great. Failing that if he could sing to me like Ben Howard I would also be happy because Ben Howard is my god! I used to love men with tattoos, Wheels has three. I have 5 tattoos myself, ranging from the standard to the obscure. I want more ink but deffo not on the ladies! I have size F ladies by the way! I like to think that stands for Fucking amazing! You would think with boobies that big I would be able to float but I can’t swim and I can’t ride a bike either. I went over the handle bars of a bike as a kid and it’s put me off it left me with some scars though, that’s another thing about me I have lots of scars all over my body! I’m not dead hard I’m just really clumsy, they do make me self concious when it comes to sex which is awkward because you all know that I love sex! I have one sister who probably doesn’t like reading about my sexcapades but if something happens I’m going to share it with her and my friends. I love my friends, they mean everything to me. Talking of friends my favourite tv show of all time is Friends I literally quote from it every day. I also love The Office but I don’t work in an office! I don’t think I would be cut out for it. My ideal job would be a menswear designer, I’ve even got the most perfect name for my company and everything. I currently work in retail so I’m not living my dream quite yet! 

So that’s 20 things about me. Never realised how hard it would be to actually think of 20 things! 


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