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Day 2. 

It feels like ages since I’ve written this blog. I needed a break from all of it after I got hustled. 

There has been a few developments though. Date #12 with the Essex boy. Not really any spark. He got a call in the middle of the date saying his mum was having heart palpitations and he had to leave… yes I started laughing! Such an obvious line! Was more pissed off that I spent quite a lot of money getting to London only to be stranded and have to get X to pick me up. He’s text me since trying to tell me that it did actually happen but I think the moments gone. 

And then we move on to Wheels…for the past few weeks we have been getting closer. He’s become one of my best friends which is weird because I never went online to find a friend, but he’s a best friend who I fancy a teeny bit. Hanging out is imminent, being busy over Christmas has kinda stopped it but now it’s all over we can crack on. The good thing about it is if we don’t fancy each other in real life I’ve still found a friend who’s become really important to me. 

I’ve got no hopes or aspirations for 2017 when it comes to dating. I’m sure it’s going to come with serious highs and lows but you know what? I survived 2016. I can survive anything. 


3 thoughts on “Day 2. 

  1. New years resolution…. say sorry to anyone I was mean too in 2016…. so here I am lol. I was typing in a website and this url popped up so i thought I would swing by and say sorry. I said some pretty harsh stuff before. Yes, I don’t really agree with the way you do the whole dating thing… but at the end of the day its tour choice and we can’t really agree on everything. Just that you seemed cool AF and I wanted to get to know you more but felt that the fact you had feeling for, and was seeing other people, sort of got in the way…. yes i was butthurt hahahhaha. Anyway. .. hope 2017 brings you more luck!!


  2. Thanks 🙂 I hate the way things turned out. I still think at another time or differant situation we would have got along great.. and you won’t beleive me but I hated myself for ages after some of the things I said. Either way first impressions are everything and I made a shit one! Haha so i wouldn’t expect you to talk to me or anything but thanks for accepting my apology 🙂


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