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Reflections 2016

It’s getting towards the end of the year and this is where I round up what..or more like who I’ve done this year and whether or not they’ve been a blessing or a lesson. PLOT SPOILER…they’ve pretty much all been lessons! 

I ll start with the ones that went all the way…

X:  A constant blessing in my life, New Year’s Eve sex was amazing! Started off the year with a bang. 

Jimmy CumQuickly: Lesson learnt: never ever believe it when a man says they are uber experienced and think I’m going to be in for a fun night. Also note to self: be less good at kissing! (See previous blogs!) 

Mr Wright: Lesson learnt: Just because he’s the best sex you’ve ever had don’t be blinded by the orgasms and let things go on way too long when you know he’s not (W) right. 

James: Lesson learnt: NEVER EVER LOOK BACK! If I ever see him again RUN FOR MY LIFE! 

Mr Bumble: Lesson learnt: it’s ok to message first, but beware it may lead to some good foreplay but bad sex and you will run into his dad downstairs whilst doing the walk of shame. 

Lips: Lesson learnt: age doesn’t matter but angles on a dick pic do! 

Other dates: 

Aled Jones: Spontaneous dates are best

Ginger #4: Lesson learnt: if there’s no spark on the phone there will be no spark in real life.

Honourable mentions: 

Wheels: Literally the only blessing I’ve met this year (so far…there’s still hope!) fancied him like crazy when we first started texting then I got to know him and realised there was a pretty cool person beneath. We are crazy similar and have all of the same issues and insecurities, he’s literally a hotter version of me with a penis. I don’t fancy him anymore it would be like dating myself but we still talk a lot. He’s so nice to chat to whether it’s being serious or being silly 

Mr hot but not dull but now a little bit cunty: Had it with this guy! We all know the story, I judged him and I was wrong completely did a 180 thought he was awesome and now nothing. He’s doing the whole Caspar thing and ghosting me…well crack on poppet. I think he tried to get me back for dissing him on this blog so thinks it’s funny he’s now being shitty to me. Seriously not cool. Well I have enough issues of my own so can’t be dealing with his! Laters hater! 

As you can see it’s been quite a year! Wonder what 2017 has in store? It’s got to be better than 2016 right?…right?! 


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