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Meh, just meh. 

This is my longest meh streak in my online dating history and I’m getting kinda annoyed! Forgotten what it feels like to be excited and have butterflies when my phone buzzes I’m talking to a few people but none of them are making me feel any kind of way. 

Cute South African guy: I was meant to be going on a date with him Tuesday night but I cancelled as I wasn’t really feeling it. He seems nice but I don’t think there’s enough of a connection there that makes me want to see him in person yet. 

Christian Grey: I’ve spoken to this one on the phone and he seems fun but on text he kinda scares me! He keeps saying how dark he is and when he drops things like anal hooks and period sex into conversation it kinda puts me off. He’s told me he was in a BDSM relationship which is fine but I was less excited by that than I should have been, maybe it was because I was still thinking about anal wtf?!

Irish guy: I matched him on tinder because he kinda looks like the dude from Bastille and that dude makes me wet! Saw them live last week and I didn’t know whether or not to cum or cry… did a little of both…anyhoo.. I digress..he’s cute and up for some no strings fun which is cool but last night he messaged me saying I was online a lot on whatsapp. The fact that you have to go in and open the conversation to see that and do it multiple times just creeps me out that he checked. Have zero time for weird bullshit.

Gamer guy: only started messaging last night so can’t really judge yet. However on his okc profile it says he kisses with his eyes open… that’s weird right?! Can you imagine being fully into someone and kissing them passionately to open your eyes for a second and see them staring back at you? That would freak me out! 

So that’s the potentials this week. I’m off to go watch paint dry. 


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