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Mr hot but definitely not dull. 

Ok I’ve fucked up….Mr hot but dull is anything but dull….oh shhhheeeiiiiittttt…game changer! 

He text me yesterday to apologise for Saturday night (see previous blog) he asked to call me which I was majorly dubious about seeing as last time it was excruciating but I agreed and the call ended up lasting about three hours! 

I was meant to be angry at this guy but he won me over in about 5 mins by being super charming, kind and funny. He’s so much more than just a pretty face. He’s the ultimate cumback kid…the spelling of that may or may not indicate that the call involved some hot phone sex. 

I totally understand now why he was pissed off, I was completely wrong about him not having a personality and would be angry at me if I was him. 

I think because I’m totally detached from men online now that I don’t really give them a chance and just fuck it off without second thought. 

So this is my apology blog (apoblogy?) sorry for judging you. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I’m now eating a large slice of humble pie…fuck it just give me the whole pie! 


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