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Mr Hot but dull, drunk and most definitely weird. 

If you’ve read this blog before then you know who Mr hot but dull is. If not the title speaks for itself. I’ve changed my mind on the bit about him probably being a nice guy though because this fella is a straight up weirdo! 

Tonight just as I’m going to bed my phone beeps…not unusual I’m a serial texter…kinda unusual to see hot but dulls name on my phone saying ‘hey’…erm the last time we spoke he said ‘fuck you’ after reading the blog I wrote about him. I had all but forgotten who he was until the exchange we’ve just had.

‘Hey’ turned into ‘you really upset me’ which turned into ‘you know nothing about me’ which has ended with ‘I really like you’ oh for fuck sake..SERIOUSLY?! Why couldn’t he have just left it? Instead of getting drunk and hitting me back up? So not only is he going to be upset and furious he’s now going to be super embarrassed. 

He said that he just really wanted me to know how much I was upset him…ok. email me at Doesitlooklikeigiveafuck. Com. I had only messaged this guy for a few weeks and we had one super awkward conversation. I couldn’t cope with his one word answers. His face got me his number, his personality made me delete it. 

I’m not apologising to him for writing about it. I am sorry that it’s affected him so much that he needed to do this and make both of us feel uncomfortable. There was literally no need for it. 

Hopefully he wakes up tomorrow and realises he’s been a weirdo and that when you’re drunk not to hit up old tinderellas…it’s never going to end well, poppet. It’s going to end in a blog that probably makes you feel more upset than the first one, so stop giving me material. 


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