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The midlands 

So I’m back home from my jolly to the midlands. 

My best friend is married and she was having fun swiping for me on tinder considering she knows my exact type. The men in the midlands are completely different to men down here they tend to be…erm…more manly than my type! I like skinny looking hobos who say they are ‘photographers’ and stuff like that but up there they all have proper manly jobs like carpentry and farming. I should probably fancy them because they look like the kinda guys who will take care of you. 

I had a few matches but I wasn’t seriously swiping as I don’t want to do long distance although I guess it would be nice to find someone up there so I could be closer to my best friend Jessica my actual true love! 

After a few days away I’ve come back feeling more refreshed about the apps. I also had a fun, kinda unexpected phone conversation with a tinderfella last night so I ll keep you posted with what happens next. 


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