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Bye bye Bumble 

I think I’m going to delete Bumble, I was all for it a while ago but it seems it’s just full of people who are fake! Why do they all look like male models on there? It’s like Bumble is Beverly Hills and POF is the hills have eyes. I don’t believe that the people on that site are real, if they’re all male models then surely they wouldn’t need a dating site? 

I guess it’s because I’ve recently been catfished on there. I was speaking to a guy uber hot from his picture has a beard, looks like a tramp…you know just my type! He only had one picture, I know, I know warning signs right?! But he seemed fun so I carried on messaging him. We then turn things a little sexual and I joke that I’m smooth as a dolphin he replies that he is too…fair enough I don’t want to be picking pubic hair out of my teeth, I like a dude who manscapes….but then he says he’s smooth all over…ok…I can get on board with that I guess…then he tells me he has alopecia…erm what?

Yes I’m a terrible person for feeling a bit freaked out but is it wrong to want someone to look how they say they look? My photos on dating sites have filters but I still look the same just a little less smoothed out. He totally mislead me. He sent me a real life photo and yes he was still cute but alopecia has taken away not only his hair but years off him and he now looks about 12. I initially said it wasn’t a big deal and carried on talking to him. I guess I couldn’t be the person who said that it wasn’t ok when he’s clearly been through a lot. But I think I would have gone on a pity date with him and that’s never good. He’s ghosted me over the last few days anyway and I feel relieved. I am shallow and into looks. I’m sorry. I want to fancy someone and want to rip their clothes off when I see them. For me it all comes down to would I have swiped him if I saw what he looked like now? and the answer is no. He was a really nice guy and I’m sure there are a million much better people out there than me who will be able to see past it.

Anyway,  moving on…I’ve gone away for a few days and am staying  a bit further up north which means whole new set of swipes! Come on Gloucestershire, show me what you’ve got! 


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