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100 Swipes.

I’m going through a total meh stage with online dating at the moment, if you’ve read this blog you will know this happens quite a lot! I’m texting two guys, cute South African and Mr medical research but not really getting feels from any of them. I mean they’re ok but I’m not getting butterflies when my phone beeps. 

Maybe I’ve rinsed all the penis on these sites? I do keep seeing the same old faces! 

I’ve decided that I’m going to swipe a 100 times on each of the sites I’m on and see how many times I actually like someone. I didn’t think I was that picky anymore so the results will probably be quite high… here goes: 

OK Cupid: 9

POF: malfunctioned 

Badoo: 1

Tinder: 7

Bumble: 7 

Erm…..was kinda hoping for higher! I’ve officially rinsed all the penis then! Out of 400 possible swipes (pof signed me out of my account and then wouldn’t let me back in) I’ve officially liked 24 people!

Oh well the odds on me getting some really decent presents…I mean a man for xmas are incredibly low then! The chances of me even getting sex are pretty low at the moment so I can’t even be a one night stand ho ho ho! 

I didn’t even get any wow feelings from any of the dudes I swiped right for so I’m thinking they’re all going to be pointless. Well we shall see what happens…


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