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Hot but dull.

So Mr hot but dull messaged me asking if he was Mr hot but dull and I had to tell him that he was. 

He said I was rude and selfish to write that about him, ok I get the rude part but personally I see it as being honest. As for selfish, this is a blog about my life…so duh. 

The thing is I didn’t say it to offend him, he does seem like a genuinely nice guy but looks will only get you so far. I need a spark and personality and more than one word answers when we’re whatsapping. Maybe in real life he’s a hoot and im judging him but until I met him all I have to go by is text message and I need to connect with someone via that as that’s what makes me want to meet them. 

I also did my phone call test with him, I spent 15 minutes talking at him and trying to joke about and all I got was one word answers and yes some people are shit on the phone but come on poppet give me something to work with! 

Anyway he said ‘fuck you’ when he recognised himself from this blog (I’m guessing that if he knew who he was he’s heard it before?) awkward that he finally showed a little bit of fire when it’s too late.


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