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On to the next one…or two…or three…maybe four. 

So I’m not going to see Lips again. He was fine but I need more than that. Ironic I called him lips because I preferred chatting to him than sleeping with him! The sex was average ( I take back ‘amazing’ from my last blog about him because I do this thing where I get caught in the moment in a sex daze and my sex googles come on and then I look back and I’m like…shit I made him cum twice and I didn’t!) he was smart and charming and good looking but I just didn’t feel that spark. Also never get dick pics off a photographer! They sure know how to work their angles…talk about black pudding in pictures and rice pudding in the flesh!

Anyway I’ve gone back to serial sexting and natural selection. (Don’t tell the crazy ex pornstar!) the main contenders are: 

Hot but dull: cute face, no personality. I fear he might not make it much further unless he livens up. 

Ginger #4: trying to work my way through all the gingers til I can find one that can finally make me cum…come on #4

Backstage pass: let me explain the name, I made a joke about giving him a backstage pass to my mermaid show (which is literally just me in the bath!) kinda sounded like I was inviting him for anal…sometimes I’m rubbish at flirting. 

Dave: he’s one of my OG contacts! Finally spoke on the phone after literally 2 years of texting, our schedules never lined up and I had a boyfriend and then he went travelling etc etc. Hes cute and fun. Kinda get the feeling I’d eat him alive but we ll see! 

Let’s see which of these animals make it to the jungle…oh god that sounds sooo wrong! 


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