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This guy. 

This blog is a silly and happy place where you can laugh at my misfortunes and maybe relate to a few of them, today my update is a little more serious….

Imma bout to go all Beyoncé on your asses right now and say that I’m a strong independent women and will not stand for men behaving like this towards me because I didn’t want to go out with them. 

Here is the comment Matt the pornstar sent to me on here. I’m going to dissect it further but I will let you have a read of it first. 

Ok so first things first….butt hurt? Everyone knows that anal isn’t my bag so if he’s going to try and insult me at least call me a cocksucker as there’s a lot of truth in that. And yes he blocked me, then he unblocked me to tell me that he had blocked me…if that’s not smooth I don’t know what is.

He used to ‘fuck slags for a living’ what a lovely way to talk about his work colleagues. They were all doing the same job so what does that make him? 

Get involved with me long term? We had spoken about mundane shit for a few days…I don’t think I could hear any wedding bells…alarm bells maybe!

Yes I do want to change and meet someone and do things seriously. But what has that got to do with this guy? I didn’t realise that I had to tell him every detail of my life and future plans. 

My last couple of dates have ended in sex…oh no I’m the worst person in the world…and FYI I wasn’t just on my back, I was on all fours, I was standing and sometimes even on my knees! 

Desperate guys? Says the man reading this and making comments….oh dear. Also the same man who said he had feelings for me after three days. 

Incapable of not being a slag? This is the man who sent me a dick pic on snap chat when I repeatedly said I didn’t want one. He also seems incapable of not being a self righteous twat but what do I know? I’m writing this on my back with my legs open of course! 

Morals and standards?…sorry I’m unable to type through my tears of laughter. 

If anyone out there is getting messages like this from people who you’ve rejected and can’t handle it please publish them and call these dickheads out. Ladies we don’t deserve it. 

Anyhoo…I’m off to the local cattery going to stock up now considering I’m going to be forever single. 


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