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Date #10

It’s 5:00am and Lips is asleep next to me. 

We had our first date yesterday. By date I mean he travelled across London to my house. We kissed as soon as we saw each other and half an hour later we had sex. I know…even I think I may have set a Guiness world record for this one! 

We basically haven’t left my bed since 9pm the sex and making out has been amazing but he’s also really cool to chill with. Being with him I’ve totally forgotten all worries about his age but that might be because he fucked my brains out. 

He’s funny and charming in real life and really open which is endearing. He’s also beautiful looking which also helps. 

We ll see what happens next but for now I need sleep! How can I be awake when my evening has been exhausting? 😉 


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