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Lips. Part 2 

So I’m totally undecided on Lips! The age thing is really bothering me if I’m honest. 

We chat a lot and have such a laugh on whatsapp and over the phone I can easily forget his age but then I’m dragged right back into it when he says little things like ‘I’m playing Xbox with my mates’ I know men my age play it but I’ve been there and done it with gamers and just find the whole thing immature.

With Lips I’m always scared I’m going to drop a retro reference and he’s just not going to get it. Also his perfect night in is probably chilling with his mates smoking some green and I’m not down with that. I’m going to be honest and admit we’ve sexted which has been fun but I still feel a little bit sordid…well even more sordid than usual from having a whatsapp wank! 

Everything else about him is perfect though! Why haven’t they invented time machines so I could be 21 again and all this wouldn’t matter? 

Before I had my one night with Bumble and started chatting to wheels I was all for trying something new and hoping for something more serious. That’s never going to happen with Lips though is it? I’m just going to get back into that cycle of one night stands or casual fucking again knowing deep down that’s not what I want. 

Or maybe I’m doing my self destructive commitment phobe being scared thing of pulling away from him when it’s been going so well? Oh impenetrable barriers how I hate you! 

I wish I could just be laid back and be chilled about this whole thing, but that’s not me (sorry lads I’m an uptight hot mess!) maybe I should ask for some of Lips’ green? 

I have a feeling this is going to be continued…. 


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