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Over the last couple of days I’ve been chatting to a super hottie…let’s call him Lips (he has the sexiest lips of anyone I’ve ever seen!) he’s cute, funny, sarcastic (which I always like) but there’s a catch. He’s 21.
I swiped Lips on tinder and it said he was 26. A day of constant messages and voice notes earlier he tells me he changed it as he likes older women and they wouldn’t give him a chance. It’s true I would never have swiped him if I knew. After talking to him he’s won me over and I changed my mind. We had a really good conversation on the phone last night and over the last two days I’ve literally had only 4 hours sleep because we’ve been talking so much and he’s piqued my interest. 

To be honest I’ve never really been into younger guys. But he seems really mature and when you speak to him hes definitely not your average 21 year old. 

I guess it wouldn’t ever really work long term as I can’t see myself settling for someone who’s never known the struggle of life without the Internet but until we meet I can’t really gage that. 

10 years difference though…Does he even know what a video tape is? Or phones used to be used for playing snake and not showing me your snake? I know if I think about it I ll talk myself out of meeting him.

I’m just going to carry on chatting with him and see what happens ignoring the fact that I was almost starting high school when he was born…


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